Sunday, April 22, 2007

Kid's and the Tech Room!

As LLL Leaders, we know that it is important that mothers and babies are welcome. Our meetings and conferences are designed in a way that babies, toddlers and older children, whether nursing or not, are always welcome.

This year, I am working on trying to figure out ways that will make the technology room not only inviting for parents with children in tow, but safe for all involved. If other children are anything like mine, the 15 month old wants to bang on the computer, unplug cords, and even tries to eat the mouse. Instead of trying to keep the kids from hurting the equipment just by saying no, we are planning to set up a Kid Zone geared to little ones. We are hoping to provide two computer stations geared towards children in the Kid Zone.

While the Kid Zone won't be as exciting as the playroom, it will be an area set aside to help parents meet the needs of our younger attendees while still accessing the benefits of the tech room themselves.

I look forward to sharing more as the plans continue to come together.

P.S. Watch for my son Valen, the youngest tech room volunteer. He'll be 18 months old at the conference.

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