Monday, May 21, 2007

Podcasts and Chats

Hi aLLL,

My name is Sherry, I am a LLLeader in Aurora, IL. I have lived in the Chicago suburbs for 5 years. Before that we lived in New Hampshire where both my children were born. My husband, Mike, and I are both Canadian citizen so the boys are American and Canadian. My children are nine and six - and boy are we are looking foward to summer break!

I am so excited to be a part of the Tech Room team! What a great bunch of ladies I get to work with. I am looking foward to actually meeting everyone in person.

My role on this team so far has been to contact all presenters at the 2007 conference to schedule podcasts and chats. At first it was just a task, but as I was actually sending the communications out to each presenter I started to get excited! I was actually communicating with some of the ROCK STARS in the breastfeeding/parenting world! I was so thrilled when I received my first reply! Every time I check my inbox I get a rush just thinking about who's contacting me. I almost feel like a little preteen just about to meet Justin Timberlake (or whoever is hot right now *LOL*)

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Shelly said...

I know what you mean about "rock stars." When you've read someone's name in magazines and read their books, and then you actually correspond or talk or even meet them -- it's just surreal. :)