Saturday, July 21, 2007

Updating the website

This is Karen Smith posting (one of these days I'll get my own account hooked up. Something about the cobbler's kids not having any shoes...)

At any rate, today we got great news that the Transportation Security Administration in the United States (the governmental agency that oversees all air travel security) has changed/augmented their policies for allowing breastmilk on airplanes. At La Leche League, we often receive calls from concerned mothers who are going to be travelling with and without their breastfed babies, wondering what the U.S. policies are for travel with breastmilk. With this new information, there is better clarity to the policies. This should be great news for moms and their breastfed babies, whether they are travelling with mom or not. Of particular note is this line from the TSA's website: "Breast milk is in the same category as liquid medications."

Now I am going to our LLLI website to post a press release to this effect, and to try to update any other resources that reference this policy.

Stay tuned - the changes should be up momentarily.

Karen Smith
Tech Room Staff/Website Team

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