Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I'm here! I'm here! I'm here!
I am so excited to be here. Nikki and I carpooled in my husband's brand new car. Odin's a little on edge that his car is here and he's at home with the mommy mobile, but the gas mileage is much better in the car. Can you believe I only spent $16 in gas for the 500 mile trip?! The trip was uneventful, yet interesting all the same. We got a little punchy after about 7 hours into the trip and started taking silly pictures to document our adventure. Check us out!

Nikki and her daugter, Malone (staying with Mema)
and Deanna with Valen (6:30 am)

Valen's happy for a while dancing to the beat!

We parked the car at my in-laws house in Oak Park. Below, in this picture I am playing with Valen at the El station while we wait for the train. Public transportation is relatively easy and painless with kids.


Dr. Odin Jurkowski said...

The kids enjoy seeing the pictures and seeing what Mom and Valen are doing. They were jealous that they couldn't go on the train ride too.

Dr. Odin Jurkowski said...

By the way, for anyone looking at new cars, I calculated 40.8 mpg with the Toyota Yaris during my daily commute and driving around town.